• Mega Yacht "Baiterek" of the ULBA project
    At the Bukhtarma reservoir

  • Mega Yacht “Severina” of the Ob-47 project
    Exit from shipyard at full swing

  • Mega Yacht "Baiterek" of the ULBA project
    At the Bukhtarma reservoir

  • Mega Yacht “Severina” of the Ob-47 project
    At full swing

  • Mega Yacht "Baiterek" of the ULBA project
    Crossing the Ust-Kamennogorsk reservoir to Bukhtarma

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  • September 4-5 this year in the city of Nur-Sultan of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
    the Ukrainian-Kazakhstan business forum "Ukraine - Kazakhstan, Central Asia" was held
    with the participation of more than 120 enterprises of the two countries

          The event was organized by the Embassy of Ukraine in Kazakhstan, the CCI of Ukraine, the Trading House "Ukraine-Asia", the National Company "KAZAKH INVEST", the Association of Exporters and Importers "ZED" and the Center for International Business Cooperation with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Ukraine.
          The event program was very eventful. The Ukrainian partners were informed in detail about the investment climate in Kazakhstan, the specifics of the functioning of the Astana International Financial Center and special economic zones. Particular attention was paid to the tax and customs legislation of Kazakhstan.
          According to the results of the Forum, a decision was made to deepen the cooperation between the two countries in engineering, agricultural processing, pharmacy, IT and others. An agreement was signed between JSC “NC“ Kazakh Invest ”and the CCI of Ukraine on joint activities to promote and implement investment projects in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

    The program of the first Kazakhstani multimedia business news channel Atameken Business.
    Sergey Svistil - Vice-President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Head of the ZED Exporters and Importers Association,
    Leonid Dubrov - Director of Design Bureau ProLine, Ukraine
    Presenter: Danil Moskalenko
  • Service and traveling motor vessel according to the design of the Nikolaev PDB ProLine

          The trials of the Baiterek megayacht, of ULBA project, developed by the PROLINE Nikolaev Project and Design Bureau, were successfully finished in Kazakhstan. According to the register classification, the vessel is defined as a service-traveling vessel. It is assumed that the vessel will be operated on Zaisan Lake and the Bukhtarma reservoir.
          The main purpose of the vessel is to provide representative functions in the interests of the country's leadership or the management of a large enterprise, holding international meetings and scientific conferences. To ensure the fulfillment of these tasks, several salons with a total area of 200 sq.m are equipped on the yacht. On the sun deck there is an open cabin with a pool, a stationary grill and relaxation areas. A sauna and another pool are located on the upper deck. On the deck of the bridge is a block of VIP apartments with a total area of 100 sq.m. Five block cabins for guests and two more cabins - for special staff are intended. The crew is located autonomously.

    December 2018
          It is known, that Delta-Pilot branch of the Ukrainian Seaport Administration announced a tender for purchasing of 3 pilot boats. It is expected that all boats will be built in Ukraine, which will allow to begin the series of commercial shipbuilding for the intended purpose at the selected enterprise. The announced initial cost of the tender is 228.870.100.00 UAH, or UAH per vessel, which is equivalent to 2.380.000.00 euros. Of course, the average cost is an approximate indicator, because the first vessel of the series will cost more than the subsequent ones. But even with this in mind, the declared value looks too attractive and has already prompted several companies to compete actively to be included in the tender.
          Project of the pilot boat PL22 from the Project and Design Bureau ProLine for the domestic shipyard with project support during the construction of ships. The project is characterized by modern design and detailed high-quality development, which is typical for all PDB ProLine projects. The shape of the case is designed for high speed in transition mode. Estimated cost of the construction of the head boat of the series will be 800,000.00 - euros. So the shipbuilding company, which wins the tender for this project, will receive a significant advantage and profit.

    View the project:

    Projects > Technical fleet and transport vessels > Pilot22 project

    Magazine article:

    Український мілітарний портал (Ukrainian Military Portal)
    Дмитро Удовицький
  • Shipbuilding of Ukraine:
    steady growth, although there are nuances

    Theses of the report of the President of "Ukrsudprom" Viktor Lisitsky at the General meeting of the Association on May 29, 2019 in Nikolaev

    Mr. Lissitsky’s reporting report “On the State of Ukraine’s support of Ukraine’s Shipbuilding with a way of Special Regulation Minds” at the General Meeting of Ukrsudprom, which took place in the territory of the Nikolaev shipyard “Artel”, has just completed.

          Mostly, the information is encouraging.
          Shipbuilding and ship repairing in the country are showing steady growth.
          Now the main attention should be paid to state support of the industry and the creation of conditions for special regulation - by analogy with the countries - world leaders in shipbuilding.
          The greatest prospects are in the development of transportation along Ukrainian rivers, but the future is in the global implementation of the items of Ukraine Marine Doctrine.

    Details are in the presentation of Viktor Lisitsky report:
    About shipbuilding state support

  • Rating of Ukrainian shipyards-2018

    Ukrsudprom sums up

          The Association of Ukraine Shipbuilders “Ukrsudprom” summed up the work of shipbuilding enterprises in 2018 and determined the rating of the best shipyards.
          The total sales volumes of shipbuilding enterprises of Ukraine amount to almost 3 billion UAH, which is 32% more than the same indicator in 2017. Ship repair services were performed at UAH 501 million - 47% more than in the previous year. At the same time, the sale of shipbuilding products decreased by 15% with an increase in production - it means that the manufactured products will be sold in 2019.
          Contributions to the budget increased by 24% - about 952 million UAH. Almost all enterprises showed net profit.
          For the second year successively, the number of working places in shipbuilding / ship repair is growing (in 2017 by 495 w / p, in 2018 - by 442 w / p). In total, more than 5,000 people work at shipbuilding enterprises, of which nearly 3,000 are in shipbuilding / ship repair.
          Every year, the average salary at all enterprises is growing steadily. The average minimum was 5000 UAH, the maximum - 19400 UAH.

    Last year’s leaders reliably hold their positions
          Shipyard "Nibulon" - first place
          PJSC "Plant" Kuznya on Ribalsky "- second place
          Changes took place on the third place in the rating - it was taken by Smart Marytime Group LLC

    Article in the journal "SHIPBUILDING AND SHIP REPAIR
  • Cup of memory of the Heroes of the military landing Olshansky

          On June 14-17, 2019 in the waters of the Dnieper-Bug estuary, a regatta will be held for the Cup of memory of the Heroes of the landing of Olshansky.
          The regatta is dedicated to the memory of the soldiers of the landing unit under the command of K.F. Olshansky, landed behind enemy lines on the territory of the Nikolaev Sea Trade Port on March 26, 1944. For more than 2 days, they fought with superior enemy forces, repelling 18 brutal attacks of the enemy and defending their positions.
          The regatta is held by the Nikolaev Regional Sailing Federation with the participation of the "Regional Yacht Club" on June 14-17, 2019 in the waters of the Dnieper-Bug estuary.

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The “Yuventa” yacht took first place in the third group of yachts in the All-Ukrainian sailing competition among cruising and racing yachts for the SIKA Cup 2019.
The regatta was held July 26-29 in the waters of the Dnieper-Bug estuary.

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