• Mega Yacht "Baiterek" of the ULBA project
    At the Bukhtarma reservoir

  • Mega Yacht “Severina” of the Ob-47 project
    Exit from shipyard at full swing

  • Mega Yacht "Baiterek" of the ULBA project
    At the Bukhtarma reservoir

  • Mega Yacht “Severina” of the Ob-47 project
    At full swing

  • Mega Yacht "Baiterek" of the ULBA project
    Crossing the Ust-Kamennogorsk reservoir to Bukhtarma

New ProLINE developments

News from the water area

  • The International Exhibition Europort 2023 in Rotterdam

    On November 7, 2023, in the port city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the Ukrainian pavilion was inaugurated at the international maritime exhibition Europort 2023. The exhibition is among the world's largest platforms for maritime gatherings and B2B knowledge exchange, encompassing all aspects of the maritime industry with a focus on high-tech vessels.
          The Ukrainian pavilion is organized by the public association "Maritime Cluster of Ukraine" and represents leading companies from Mykolaiv as part of the "Ambassadors of the City of Mykolaiv" project, which is a part of the EU4Business program funded by the European Union and the government of Germany.
          Ukrainian representatives, including Mykolaiv ambassadors showcasing their companies at the global maritime exhibition, sought opportunities to find partners, clients, and investors for their projects. Additionally, they familiarized themselves with the latest trends in the shipbuilding industry.

    The design bureau "ProLine," represented by Chief Designer Serhii Miroshnyk, showcased projects of modern catamarans from the CatLine series. These catamarans are designed for passenger vessels, tourism, cruises, and charters.
           The Ukrainian booth also features shipbuilders and ship repair specialists, service providers, manufacturers of maritime equipment, engineering bureaus, project organizations, innovative companies, and educational institutions. Specifically, delegates from the "Ambassadors of the City of Mykolaiv" project include: PE "Intelligent Marine Technologies," LLC "Shipyard 'Chornomorski Yachts'," LLC Company "Chornomorska Verf," LLC "C-Job Nikolayev," LLC "AMICO Digital," LLC "Gulfstream Company," PE "Marine Design Service," LLC SC "ARTEL MARINE," and LLC "Shipbuilding Plant 'Ocean'."

    The opening of the pavilion was attended by government representatives, including the First Honorary Consul of Ukraine in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mr. Karel Burger Dirven, the First Secretary (economic cooperation) of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands, Mr. Volodymyr Buchok, and the Secretary-General of SeaEurope, Mr. Christoph Titgat.

    The distinguished guests expressed words of support, adding that the Ukrainian people are courageous, have withstood challenging times, and now they commend the determination of Ukrainians reflected in the delegates' slogan - "Ahead with Ukraine!"

          The exhibition was attended by the Chairman of the Expert and Public Council of the Executive Committee of the Mykolaiv City Council, Artem Vashylenko, who is also the head of the Supervisory Board of the NGO "Maritime Cluster of Ukraine," along with the expert of the Expert and Public Council, Serhii Miroshnyk.

    "The representation of Mykolaiv maritime industry enterprises at this exhibition provides them with unique opportunities to discuss prospective plans with partners and current initiatives of the Cluster, review popular maritime publications, explore the latest trends in the maritime industry, and establish new business contacts in person. Therefore, we hope that professional negotiations will take place, and the agreements reached will serve as a powerful impetus for the development of enterprises and the industry as a whole. Participation in such a massive event like Europort 2023 provides invaluable experience," emphasized Artem Vashylenko in his speech.
  • The sixth European Maritime Day took place in Mykolaiv, turning the city into an unforgettable arena for the meeting of experts, government officials, and dreamers, and celebrating the maritime space. Supported by the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, this day was marked by exceptional activity and enthusiasm.

    Participants of the summit "Towards a Sustainable Maritime Economy: Strategic Priorities for Ukraine's Economic Recovery" came together to exchange ideas, develop new concepts, and collectively address urgent issues related to the revival of the maritime economy in our region. The event brought together experts from the maritime industry of Mykolaiv region and representatives of the authorities. Seriy Petrovich Myroshnyk, the Chief Designer of ProLINE Design Bureau, took part in the event. This summit became a true place of creative realization and inspiration for all attendees.

    Mykolaiv, which holds an important position in the development of the infrastructure for the blue economy, is now on the path to exceptionally promising transformations. The program of economic cooperation between mayors and the United Nations sets in motion numerous new opportunities for the development and prosperity of enterprises.

    In Mykolaiv, careful study and development of necessary documentation for five projects related primarily to the "blue economy" - Deep Blue Transition for Mykolaiv, are planned:

    📃 Support for blue and green transition of small and medium-sized businesses.
    📃 Establishment of a strategic partnership and communication channel for Mykolaiv as a "City on the Waves."
    📃 Reconstruction plan for the training center building "School of Young Seafarers."
    📃 Development of the revitalization concept for Mykolaiv Shipbuilding Plant, with a focus on green public spaces.
    📃 Appointment and conceptual design of the maritime industrial park.

    The funds obtained for the preparation of project documentation already lay the foundation for further steps on the path to success. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey filled with hopes and high expectations.

    René Berkvens, the unwavering Chairman of SEA Europe (Shipbuilders and Maritime Equipment Association of Europe), expressed his hopes and immense belief in the support of companies at the level of the European Union. His words are filled with a deep conviction that Mykolaiv will become a true center of innovation and development in the maritime industry.

    "It's about financial support, political support, or anything else. But I believe it is essential to understand the short-, medium-, and long-term goals of the Ukrainian Maritime Cluster," he says. "Shipbuilding and the maritime supply sector aim to ensure the autonomy and sovereignty of Europe both in terms of economic stability and defense and security, which is an obvious reason. It is about security, autonomy, sovereignty, and energy independence. And all of this may sound complex, but it's simple."

    European Maritime Day in Mykolaiv is a step forward, an important event that opens up new horizons and opportunities for all those who dream of a strong and thriving maritime economy. This day has turned into a celebration of a real victory, where you feel that together, we are capable of changing the world around us.

    May the sea of our region become the engine of progress, a source of new opportunities and hope. Forward, Mykolaiv! We are a city capable of changing the world through our own efforts and influence. Together, we can ensure the sustainable development and prosperity of our blue economy and create a bright future for ourselves and future generations.
  • SMM – the world's leading international maritime industry innovation exhibition 2022

        The latest developments of the ProLINE design bureau were presented at the international maritime industry innovations exhibition SMM 2022.
        The exhibition was held from September 6 to 9 at the Hamburg Exhibition Center (Hamburg, Germany).
        This year is a jubilee year for the exhibition - SMM is held for the 30th time.
        Ukraine was represented at the exhibition by the Ukrainian Maritime Cluster
        Maritime Cluster of Ukraine was provided with a stand where we could present the maritime industry of Ukraine and, of course, the Cluster members.
        The shipbuilding industry is developing towards digitalization of all processes, search for alternative energy sources, and environmental friendliness. Thanks to the organizers and all participants for the fruitful cooperation!

    The projects are presented at the booth of the Maritime Cluster of Ukraine:
    🠊 Project CatLine40P  - A high-speed catamaran capable of carrying up to 430 passengers.
    🠊 Project CatLine25P  - High-speed catamaran of light alloy is designed for transportation of up to 150 passengers on short distance regular lines.
    🠊 Project PowerLine40  - Service-carrying light alloy trimaran.

    December 2018
          It is known, that Delta-Pilot branch of the Ukrainian Seaport Administration announced a tender for purchasing of 3 pilot boats. It is expected that all boats will be built in Ukraine, which will allow to begin the series of commercial shipbuilding for the intended purpose at the selected enterprise. The announced initial cost of the tender is 228.870.100.00 UAH, or UAH per vessel, which is equivalent to 2.380.000.00 euros. Of course, the average cost is an approximate indicator, because the first vessel of the series will cost more than the subsequent ones. But even with this in mind, the declared value looks too attractive and has already prompted several companies to compete actively to be included in the tender.
          Project of the pilot boat PL22 from the Project and Design Bureau ProLine for the domestic shipyard with project support during the construction of ships. The project is characterized by modern design and detailed high-quality development, which is typical for all PDB ProLine projects. The shape of the case is designed for high speed in transition mode. Estimated cost of the construction of the head boat of the series will be 800,000.00 - euros. So the shipbuilding company, which wins the tender for this project, will receive a significant advantage and profit.

    View the project:

    Projects > Technical fleet and transport vessels > Pilot22 project

    Magazine article:

    Український мілітарний портал (Ukrainian Military Portal)
    Дмитро Удовицький
  • September 4-5 this year in the city of Nur-Sultan of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
    the Ukrainian-Kazakhstan business forum "Ukraine - Kazakhstan, Central Asia" was held
    with the participation of more than 120 enterprises of the two countries

          The event was organized by the Embassy of Ukraine in Kazakhstan, the CCI of Ukraine, the Trading House "Ukraine-Asia", the National Company "KAZAKH INVEST", the Association of Exporters and Importers "ZED" and the Center for International Business Cooperation with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Ukraine.
          The event program was very eventful. The Ukrainian partners were informed in detail about the investment climate in Kazakhstan, the specifics of the functioning of the Astana International Financial Center and special economic zones. Particular attention was paid to the tax and customs legislation of Kazakhstan.
          According to the results of the Forum, a decision was made to deepen the cooperation between the two countries in engineering, agricultural processing, pharmacy, IT and others. An agreement was signed between JSC “NC“ Kazakh Invest ”and the CCI of Ukraine on joint activities to promote and implement investment projects in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

    The program of the first Kazakhstani multimedia business news channel Atameken Business.
    Sergey Svistil - Vice-President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Head of the ZED Exporters and Importers Association,
    Leonid Dubrov - Director of Design Bureau ProLine, Ukraine
    Presenter: Danil Moskalenko
  • Service and traveling motor vessel according to the design of the Nikolaev PDB ProLine

          The trials of the Baiterek megayacht, of ULBA project, developed by the PROLINE Nikolaev Project and Design Bureau, were successfully finished in Kazakhstan. According to the register classification, the vessel is defined as a service-traveling vessel. It is assumed that the vessel will be operated on Zaisan Lake and the Bukhtarma reservoir.
          The main purpose of the vessel is to provide representative functions in the interests of the country's leadership or the management of a large enterprise, holding international meetings and scientific conferences. To ensure the fulfillment of these tasks, several salons with a total area of 200 sq.m are equipped on the yacht. On the sun deck there is an open cabin with a pool, a stationary grill and relaxation areas. A sauna and another pool are located on the upper deck. On the deck of the bridge is a block of VIP apartments with a total area of 100 sq.m. Five block cabins for guests and two more cabins - for special staff are intended. The crew is located autonomously.
  • Shipbuilding of Ukraine:
    steady growth, although there are nuances

    Theses of the report of the President of "Ukrsudprom" Viktor Lisitsky at the General meeting of the Association on May 29, 2019 in Nikolaev

    Mr. Lissitsky’s reporting report “On the State of Ukraine’s support of Ukraine’s Shipbuilding with a way of Special Regulation Minds” at the General Meeting of Ukrsudprom, which took place in the territory of the Nikolaev shipyard “Artel”, has just completed.

          Mostly, the information is encouraging.
          Shipbuilding and ship repairing in the country are showing steady growth.
          Now the main attention should be paid to state support of the industry and the creation of conditions for special regulation - by analogy with the countries - world leaders in shipbuilding.
          The greatest prospects are in the development of transportation along Ukrainian rivers, but the future is in the global implementation of the items of Ukraine Marine Doctrine.

    Details are in the presentation of Viktor Lisitsky report:
    About shipbuilding state support

  • Rating of Ukrainian shipyards-2018

    Ukrsudprom sums up

          The Association of Ukraine Shipbuilders “Ukrsudprom” summed up the work of shipbuilding enterprises in 2018 and determined the rating of the best shipyards.
          The total sales volumes of shipbuilding enterprises of Ukraine amount to almost 3 billion UAH, which is 32% more than the same indicator in 2017. Ship repair services were performed at UAH 501 million - 47% more than in the previous year. At the same time, the sale of shipbuilding products decreased by 15% with an increase in production - it means that the manufactured products will be sold in 2019.
          Contributions to the budget increased by 24% - about 952 million UAH. Almost all enterprises showed net profit.
          For the second year successively, the number of working places in shipbuilding / ship repair is growing (in 2017 by 495 w / p, in 2018 - by 442 w / p). In total, more than 5,000 people work at shipbuilding enterprises, of which nearly 3,000 are in shipbuilding / ship repair.
          Every year, the average salary at all enterprises is growing steadily. The average minimum was 5000 UAH, the maximum - 19400 UAH.

    Last year’s leaders reliably hold their positions
          Shipyard "Nibulon" - first place
          PJSC "Plant" Kuznya on Ribalsky "- second place
          Changes took place on the third place in the rating - it was taken by Smart Marytime Group LLC

    Article in the journal "SHIPBUILDING AND SHIP REPAIR
  • Cup of memory of the Heroes of the military landing Olshansky

          On June 14-17, 2019 in the waters of the Dnieper-Bug estuary, a regatta will be held for the Cup of memory of the Heroes of the landing of Olshansky.
          The regatta is dedicated to the memory of the soldiers of the landing unit under the command of K.F. Olshansky, landed behind enemy lines on the territory of the Nikolaev Sea Trade Port on March 26, 1944. For more than 2 days, they fought with superior enemy forces, repelling 18 brutal attacks of the enemy and defending their positions.
          The regatta is held by the Nikolaev Regional Sailing Federation with the participation of the "Regional Yacht Club" on June 14-17, 2019 in the waters of the Dnieper-Bug estuary.

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The “Yuventa” yacht took first place in the third group of yachts in the All-Ukrainian sailing competition among cruising and racing yachts for the SIKA Cup 2019.
The regatta was held July 26-29 in the waters of the Dnieper-Bug estuary.

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